Wednesday, 8 October 2014

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  1. OGR 10/10/2014

    Hi Ridge,

    Okay - so no OGR document as requested and I'm pretty sure those thumbnails derived from your life-drawing session on Wednesday... I know you had an imperfect start, so I'm worried you're a bit overwhelmed. Drop me an email at and let me know where you're at with everything - and please be honest - it will speed everything up. Cheers.

  2. Hi there,

    It's really important that first years a) follow the group blog as a matter of habit and b) follow the blogs of year 2 and year 3 students, because we know that, by doing so, year 1 students develop more quickly and get more organised. You might have done all this already, but I know there are those who have not, and I'm keen to get everyone up to speed.

    If you haven't done so already, you need to add these to your Blogger reading list, by clicking on the 'ADD' button on your dashboard, pasting in the URLs and then 'following pubically'.

    Group Blog (You must be following this/checking this feed daily at least).

    Year 2

    Year 3

  3. see link: