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Metropolis a city reborn, “It was their hands that built this city of ours, Father. But where do the hands belong in your scheme?” (Freder).”In their proper place, the depths.”(Joh Frederson).

This film is staged in the 1927,a lot of people would refer to it as the genius of special effects and cg work. Directed by Fritz Lang and starring Brigitte Helm(as The Machine man/Maria), Gustav Frohlich(as Freder), Rudolf Klein-Rogge(as C.A Rotwang/ the inventor) and Alfred Abel(as Joh Fredersen/ father of Freder).

This film is about a man who is not satisfied, with how the work force, (the driving bone of the city) is unnoticed and extremely exploited. He is determined to make some changes to how the current affairs are dealt with; whilst in pursed of a breath taking beauty which stole his heart at first sight.

Freder immediately falls in love with Maria, after spotting her giving the workers children a tour of the city. In his quest to find Maira, Freder discover the inhuman working condition of the factory worker, which are down below and immediately goes to his father, a very wealthy and influential business man in the city of metropolis. He address working condition of the worker, but his father isn’t interested in the matter. So Freder took it upon himself, to trade places with one of the factory worker so he can have a hands on approach on dealing with the situation. Ather hours of tedious labour, he discovers a notes, in the workers pocket which plans a rebellion of the working force against the leaders of the city.

The directors uses symbols and camera shots/angles really gives the film its own unique identity. From the largely out of proportioned stage, which gives emphasis on the enormity of the of the city.
To the pentagram and the crucifix, representing the theme of good and evil throughout the film.

I would say, Metropolis is a very good reference point as to where the use of special effects and cg originated from. in order for me to really enjoy this film I had to erase everything I've seen regarding cg and special effect and place myself back in 1927, to really appreciate and love this movie.

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