Thursday, 23 October 2014

Space oddities

The cabinet of Dr. caligari

“Csare! Do you hear me? It is I calling you: I, Caligari, your master.Awaken for a brief while from your dark night”,(Dr. Caligari).

The cabinet of Dr. Caligari was made in 1920. Directed by Robert Wiene and cinematography by Willy Hameister. The film stars Conrad Veidt (Cesare), Werner Krauss (Dr. Caligari), Lil Dagover (Jane Olsen), Friedrich Fehér (Francis) and Jan's Heinrich Van Twardowski (Alan).

This film is about a mysterious character whose job is to perform and entertain people all in the comfort of his cabinet. He makes prediction of any audience member and it always comes to pass, which made him the prime suspect for all the homicides that occurred in the area. This story is a narration From a young man named Francis, recalling his horrible experience he and his fiancee Jane went through.

This film has a unique style of look to it, using dynamic brush strokes to the films landscape and environment making them jagged with sharp edged and tilting walls on a two dimensional plane.


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