Friday, 14 November 2014


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  1. The good news: I like what's happening in those top two thumbnails - especially the top - nice sense of scale.

    The less good news:

    Just dropping by to register some concern re. the lack of regular updates on your blog and evidence too that you're still not engaging in the various weekly tasks as advised. Remember, the deadline in week 12 is summative, which means failure to meet the required standards as outlined by the assessment criteria may result in a resit in June.

    See below; the brief's clear instruction re. keeping a 'comprehensive blog' for the duration of your project.

    "You are asked to produce a comprehensive blog archiving and annotating your creative development during the duration of the unit. You should use the blog to reflect critically upon your own creative practice and the wider cultural and thematic context of the unit."

    Also look again at the assessment critera that aligns with your blog - or rather your creative development and engagement with the challenge of the course as evidenced by your blog archive of completed weekly tasks:

    Knowledge of:
    narrative conventions and concepts that inform representation of space and environments (i.e. film reviews, artist/designer research/thumbnails/digital painting exercises...)

    Understanding through application of:
    research skills to support and evolve conceptual ideas. (i.e. film reviews, artist/designer research/influence maps/post OGR 1 creative development etc.)

    Understanding through application of:
    creative three-dimensional modelling applications (i.e. your digital set evidencing your knowledge of the complete CGI pipeline as outlined by the brief, as communicated by the current Maya tutorials).

    Technical and applied skills through:
    project management and professional skills. (i.e. the way you're blogging/updating/soliciting feedback from tutors and creative partners; your engagement with weekly tasks, the completeness or otherwise of your submission in line with the formal requirements of the project brief).

    I'm worried by what I'm not seeing evidenced on your blog and I'd like to be reassured that you do understand the significance of your first summative deadline. You appear to be falling behind. I suggest you move quickly to get things back on track. I want your crit/submission to be positive and successful, so please now do what you must to avoid the opposite scenario. I look forward to seeing some improvement and a getting sense of greater activity and dynamism from your creative development.